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Krinkl Theatre About Us







Multi award winning Krinkl Theatre crinkle, wrap and sticky tape newspaper, plastic bags, coloured paper and other discarded objects to create delightful visual images and puppets.

 This is innovative and engaging puppet theatre for the whole family.
Krinkl keeps its audience sitting on the knife’s edge between the fantasy of animated objects and the reality of rubbish.

The materials we use, the abstract forms we create and the variety of manipulation techniques used, helps the audience to fall in love with malformed creatures and puppets sometimes produced before their eyes:
How to fall in love with imperfection!

All of our performances are non-verbal and we endeavour to creatively raise the awareness of our audience on social and environmental issues.


Aims & Objectives

    • To create new, innovative and engaging puppet theatre for a large and diverse audience across Australia.

    • To remain active within the art of puppetry through presentation of works, using a large and diverse range of materials and bringing further awareness to the diversity of Puppetry.

    • To push existing boundaries of traditional puppet forms and the boundaries of existing works.

    • To collaborate with other artists, companies and art forms.

    • To remain universal with the language we use.

    • To keep audiences active through direct contact with materials and interaction with performers.

    • To support and nurture the Art Form of Puppetry, acknowledge and represent its position in the arts.

    • To contribute towards performing arts in Australia and abroad.